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Moesner_PhotoDr. Felix Moesner

Director, swissnex Boston; Consul of Switzerland, Boston

What do you like most about Switzerland?

Innovation: Openness, dual education, and solid funding in basic research constantly keeps Switzerland at the top of innovation rankings.

Infrastructure: Long-term thinking and the dedication to quality are enablers for great infrastructure and fantastic landscapes.

What do you like most about the U.S.?

Entrepreneurship culture: The practice of giving a short and sweet presentation on an idea (pitch), thus grabbing the audience's attention and winning funding.

Risk taking: There are few places like Boston with its flourishing high-tech innovation ecosystem that allows for entrepreneurs to take risks and learn from failures.

What defines your leadership style?

Have a vision and develop a team with the right skills to work on it. Recognize and nurture talents among team members and let them create their own projects. Motto: The sky is the limit.

Who inspires you?

My wife. Without her inspiration and strong backing, I wouldn’t be in Boston or the U.S.

What is your greatest achievement?

On the professional side, the Science Agreement between Switzerland and Japan. The Science Agreement between Switzerland and Japan, signed in 2007 by Pascal Couchepin, Vice President of Switzerland, is a framework agreement on the governmental level, made to facilitate academic exchanges and collaboration between the two countries. So far 64 agreements between universities and research institutions have been signed. Importantly, the Science Agreement contributed to the conclusion of the Free Trade Agreement with Japan in 2009. I am hoping to achieve similar formal ties with the U.S., connecting the dots between our two countries.

The next goal is to set up a successful swissnex NYC office as an outpost of swissnex Boston.

Do you have any weaknesses?

Yes, human limitations; A day has only 24 hours. There are so many opportunities out there, so allocating more time for proactiveness can be challenging.

Where do you live?

A big change from Tokyo to suburbia of Lexington, MA, which is a truly lovely place.

What is your favorite place in the world?

Appenzell – great nature and original culture; Tokyo – great food and deep-rooted culture.

What is the best book you ever read?

Books by Haruki Murakami, especially Norwegian Wood, a nice piece of modern literature. It uses beautiful language and expresses a deep meaning.

What is your goal in life?

Contribute to the promotion of Switzerland, thus adding value to Swiss ties between different cultures, ecosystems, and countries.



About Dr. Felix Moesner

Felix Moesner, a doctoral graduate from ETH Zürich with research records at the University of Tokyo specialized in robotics, MEMS and nanotechnologies. He has worked at Credit Suisse Life Insurance Japan, Solution Providers, Kanagawa Academy of Science & Technology, Toshiba Corporation Japan and, Egon Zehnder International Zurich.

Dr. Felix Moesner is the Director of swissnex Boston and the Consul of Switzerland. Established as the world’s first “science consulate” in 2000, swissnex Boston is part of a global network of five knowledge outposts including San Francisco (2003), Singapore (2004), China (2007) and India (2009). Formerly, Felix Moesner was the head of the Science, and Technology Office at the Embassy of Switzerland in Tokyo promoting Swiss Science, Technology and Education in Japan, and acting as a liason between the Swiss and Japanese governments, universities, R&D institutions, and companies. Since 2005, he has also served as President of the Science & Technology Diplomatic Circle, which is comprised of 80+ diplomatic missions and affiliates in Tokyo. Several awards and grants underline his proactive commitments.

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