America’s Apprenticeship Renaissance: Swiss-Style Vocational Education in the United States

Switzerland’s apprenticeship system combines vocational training with a paid job. After choosing a job path—be it a traditional trade or a job in IT—an apprentice will spend part of the week in the classroom (vocational education), and the other part...

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U.S.-Swiss Free Trade Agreement: When Will It Happen?

Discussions about a U.S.-Swiss free trade agreement have been ongoing, and an agreement remains on the horizon. Switzerland and the United States have long been key trading partners, and the U.S. is the No. 1 destination for Swiss investment, as well...

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Building Bridges “Tech Tour” 2019: The American Swiss Foundation Explores Silicon Valley

In late September, the ASF hosted a three-day “Tech Tour” in Palo Alto and San Francisco. More than 50 attendees from across the United States and Switzerland—including 10 members of ASF’s board and advisory councils, 33 Young Leader alumni, and various...

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