American Swiss


Celebrating 75 Years

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the American Swiss Foundation published a booklet with contributions from the U.S. and Swiss Ambassadors and listings of all 1,300 alumni of the Young Leaders Conference.​

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Switzerland and the European Union: Balancing Sovereignty and Ever Closer Ties

Switzerland is located in the heart of the European Union, but is not a member itself. Trade, legal, and financial ties between Switzerland and the EU are strong, though the relationship is not without challenges. Negotiations on an EU-Swiss framework...

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America’s Apprenticeship Renaissance: Swiss-Style Vocational Education in the United States

Switzerland’s apprenticeship system combines vocational training with a paid job. After choosing a job path—be it a traditional trade or a job in IT—an apprentice will spend part of the week in the classroom (vocational education), and the other part...

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