American Swiss


Celebrating 75 Years

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the American Swiss Foundation published a booklet with contributions from the U.S. and Swiss Ambassadors and listings of all 1,300 alumni of the Young Leaders Conference.​

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Building Resilience: How Switzerland and the United States Are Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus caught every country and government off guard. But policymakers, health experts, businesses, and the public have begun to adapt, and there are already lessons to be gleaned from the experience that can inform the ongoing response to the...

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America’s Apprenticeship Renaissance: Swiss-Style Vocational Education in the United States

Switzerland’s apprenticeship system combines vocational training with a paid job. After choosing a job path—be it a traditional trade or a job in IT—an apprentice will spend part of the week in the classroom (vocational education), and the other part...

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