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Robert Peck: On Gratitude


Robert Peck is the CEO & Co-founder of Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters, an award-winning specialty coffee and cold brew company based in Arlington, VA.

Is success reaching the destination, or is it the journey itself? In entrepreneurship and business, we too often fixate solely on outcomes. Certainly, setting a clear vision and achieving strategic goals and results are important, but I believe true success and personal fulfillment emerge from cherishing the journey, grounded in the cultivation of gratitude.

Fostering an attitude of gratitude enhances relationships and drives outsized business results in remarkable ways. When we learn to genuinely appreciate those around us – from colleagues to customers, vendors, and investors - we create an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation. We cultivate stronger relationships, personal satisfaction, and joy, which in turn drive enhanced collaboration, creativity, productivity, and results.

Gratitude teaches us to value challenges and failures as stepping stones for growth and learning. We begin to trust in the journey for what it is - an adventure of peaks and valleys, with many winding trails. The adoption of gratitude tangibly drives better business outcomes, building a more resilient and adaptive organization.

Recently, we conducted an internal exercise where each team member independently identified three core personal values. We collected and aggregated the results, and a striking word cloud appeared - 'gratitude' emerged as the number one shared value. This reinforced our belief that gratitude is not simply a state of mind but a cornerstone of our culture at Commonwealth Joe. It is a compass that guides us, bridging our collective journey toward both individual fulfillment and business success.