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Ambassador Faith Whittlesey Leadership award


Ambassador Faith Whittlesey Leadership Award

The Faith Whittlesey Leadership Award is presented in recognition of the efforts of an individual, or individuals, who promote and strengthen the ties between Switzerland and the United States. The Inaugural award was presented in 2023 to Diana Davis Spencer and Abby Moffat for their tireless efforts promoting the shared values and interests of the two countries. In the presentation, ASF chair Robert J. Giuffra, Jr. noted the close friendship between Ambassador Faith Whittlesey and Ambassador Shelby Cullom Davis, the longest serving U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland and Mrs. Spencer’s father and Ms. Moffat’s grandfather. Both Ambassador Whittlesey and Ambassador Davis chaired the American Swiss Foundation.



2023 Award Presentation

From Left: Robert J. Giuffra, Jr., Chair, American Swiss Foundation, Catharine Whittlesey O'Neill,    Diana Davis Spencer, and Abby Spencer Moffat  


 Ambassador Faith Whittlesey (1939 - 2018)