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Learn more about issues of mutual importance to Switzerland and the United States

How Switzerland and the United States Excel in Innovation

Both countries regularly receive highest rankings in global-innovation indices—whether for business, entrepreneurship, technology, science, or education. Read about what makes these two very different countries global leaders in innovation.

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Energy Crisis in Europe—What It Means for Switzerland and the United States

In 2022, business leaders and policymakers across Europe began to warn that the worsening energy shortage could well turn into a full-blown crisis. Energy companies and politicians alike put publics on notice that reduced energy consumption will likely become a necessity. Why are modern and prosperous countries facing this problem in the 21st century? How is Switzerland, dealing with the shortages—and what do they mean for the United States?

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Switzerland's Neutrality and Security Policy

Can Switzerland craft a reliable security policy and maintain its famed neutrality in the 21st century? After Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Switzerland joined the West’s sanctions regime against Russia. In June 2022, Switzerland was elected to the UN Security Council. What do these developments mean for Switzerland’s historic neutrality? Many observers wonder if implementing sanctions is compatible with Switzerland’s neutrality, and whether Switzerland can play a neutral role as a member of the Security Council.

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Going Mainstream: Sustainable Investing and ESG Standard Setting

Sustainable investing, specifically as defined by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, has taken off big in many parts of the world, not least in Switzerland and the United States. How does ESG investing work, why do standards matter, are standards reliable, why should investors care about ESG considerations—and will there be enough investors to make ESG criteria a permanent fixture in the world’s capital markets?

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Switzerland and the European Union: Balancing Sovereignty and Close Economic Ties

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland has never been a member of the European Union. While trade, legal, financial, and cultural ties between Switzerland and the EU are strong, the relationship is not without challenges. Disagreements on the details of a Swiss-EU framework treaty have led to further challenges: Long-standing negotiations on the treaty came to an impasse in 2018. While Bern contacted Brussels in late 2020 to resume negotiations, the two sides once again did not agree on sticking points—and, as of May 2021, the Swiss-EU relationship faces unprecedented complications.

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Tax Reform and International Competitiveness

How important is corporate tax reform for a country’s global competitiveness? The U.S. Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017. Has the new tax law improved U.S. competitiveness? Swiss voters rejected a reform proposal in early 2017. Has it affected Switzerland?

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Switzerland's Humanitarian Tradition

Switzerland demonstrates its commitment to international stability, peace, and human rights by acting as a mediator between hostile countries and as a host country to international organizations, as well as by funding humanitarian relief projects around the world.

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Technology Regulation in the 21st Century

Charting New Territory in Switzerland, the U.S., and Around the World

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What Is Biotechnology, and How Is It Shaping the Future?

Switzerland and the United States are both known for innovation, whether for business, entrepreneurship, technology, science, or medicine. The explosion of innovation related to biotechnology offers breathtaking opportunities for humanity, as well as challenges.

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