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AndrzejewskiAdamAdam Andrzejewski (Young Leader 2012)

Founder, For the Good of Illinois  
Founder, - data commons of government spending

What can Americans learn from the Swiss?
Americans are great marketers, and the Swiss strength is detailed execution of task.  If the Americans can match the Swiss focus, we can continue to push the frontiers.

What can the Swiss learn from the Americans?
Because of their hard work ethic, the Swiss have “earned the right” to market and promote with gusto.  I encourage a little adoption of this American boldness.

What defines your leadership style?
I drive teams to dominate niche markets within perceived monopolies. Our team is comprised of people with laser focus, persistence, and a hard work ethic.  We over-deliver on all promises.

What qualities do you most admire in a person?
Integrity, transparency, confidence and a sense of humor

What are your greatest strengths? 
Focus, execution, work ethic, presentation skill, marketing

What is your greatest weakness?
Focus makes you narrow.  I have to fight to keep expanding my world-view.

Where do you live?
Hinsdale, IL in the northern Illinois Chicago suburbs

Where are you from? 
Herscher, IL in the central Illinois rural farm turf

What is your favorite leisure activity?
Spending time with my wife Kerry.  Our favorite movies are romantic comedies. It’s a welcome break from spotlighting taxpayer abuse!

What is your goal in life? 
To leave a family legacy of faith, integrity and generational stability.  To leave a public policy legacy of bringing transparency, accountability and smart government to my home state of Illinois and across America.



About Adam Andrzejewski

Adam Andrzejewski co-founded HomePages® directories in 1997. After nine years with 150 employees, sales grew to $20 million. Today, HomePages® is the nation’s largest publisher of community telephone directories. In 2010, Adam ran for Governor of Illinois in the Republican primary. Adam narrowly lost despite endorsement from Polish Solidarity founder, President Lech Walesa. In 2010, he founded the Political Action Committee, For The Good of Illinois, which has already won 15 of 20 endorsed races. Adam’s transparency website,, set precedent posting the salaries and pensions of all 1 million Illinois public employees (2011).  Early in 2013 the website was upgraded with all disclosed United States government checkbook spending since 2000. Adam’s opinion editorial was published in The Wall Street Journal and highlighted his  new OpenTheBooks app. Adam lives in Hinsdale with his wife, Kerry, and three daughters. He enjoys playing the violin and chess, and is a marathon runner.

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