Martin Andrews during his days as an Aviation Cadet at Basic Flight Training at Shaw Field, Sumter, South Carolina, taken in January, 1942, shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  

In the group shot (left), Andrews is in the middle in the front row. In the two-shot, Andrews stands at the right with an Aviation Cadet classmate, John Celani, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The plane shown in both pictures is the Fairchild BT-13.

Shaw Field, now a long-established Air Force Base, had only recently been built when Andrews arrived, and his class of Aviation Cadets was the first one to go through training there.

The commanding officer at Shaw Field decided the destinies of the first cadets by having them all line up according to height.  He assigned the shorter ones to single-engine advanced training to become fighter pilots.  The taller half, which included Andrews, went to twin-engine advanced training to become bomber pilots.