Annual Dinner

The Annual Gala Dinner in New York is co-hosted by the Swiss Ambassador to the United States and attended by about 300 guests.  The Dinner has featured notable American and Swiss keynote speakers, including:

Joseph M. Hogan, Chief Executive Officer, ABB Ltd. (2013)

Kevin Conroy, President & CEO, Exact Sciences (2012)

Urs Rohner, Chairman, Credit Suisse Group (2011)

Michael Mack, Chief Executive Officer, Syngenta AG, and Chairman, Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce (2010)

Philipp Hildebrand, then Chairman, Swiss National Bank (2009)  

Hon. Rob Portman, former Director, Office of Management and Budget (2008)

Walter Kielholz, then Chairman, Credit Suisse Group (2007)

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman, Nestlé S.A. (2006)

Hon. Samuel Schmid, then President of the Swiss Confederation (2005)

Hon. Edward G. Rendell, then Governor of Pennsylvania (2004)

Daniel Vasella, then Chairman, Novartis AG (2004)