October Briefing: FATCA: The U.S. Tax Law that Affects the World—Even Switzerland

In 2010, following the Financial Crisis, the U.S. Congress passed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The goal was to make it more difficult for U.S. citizens to evade taxes through so-called offshore accounts abroad. However, the new law...

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September Briefing: Switzerland and the European Union

In keeping with its long tradition of sovereignty and neutrality, Switzerland is one of only a handful of Western European countries that have not joined the European Union. Nevertheless, the ties between Switzerland and the European Union are close.

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August Briefing: Switzerland’s “Good Offices”

As a neutral country, Switzerland has long offered its services—“good offices”—to nations in conflict. Such services range from providing a negotiating venue in Switzerland to initiating contact between the opposing sides and acting as disinterested mediator.

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