March Briefing: Apprenticeship in Switzerland – A Model for the U.S.?

Switzerland’s system of vocational training—on-the-job learning through apprenticeships, combined with schooling—has admirers around the world, including in the United States. With Switzerland’s youth unemployment at only 3 percent, and that in the U.S....

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February Briefing: Putting the Brakes on Government Spending: The Swiss Debt Brake

Large budget deficits and high public-sector spending and debt have been pervasive features of modern economies, including in the United States and Switzerland. Have the Swiss found a way to reliably and permanently limit debt and control outlays?

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January Briefing: Innovation: Switzerland and the United States Top the Charts

Both countries regularly receive the highest rankings in global-innovation indices—whether for business, entrepreneurship, technology, science, or education. While the two “sister republics” share a deep political and philosophical history, Americans...

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