At Gowen Field in Boise, Idaho Andrews met the men who were to become his bomber crew. Their crew picture was taken shortly before they flew to England to join the 8th Air Force in late May, 1943.

Front row:
lst Lt. Martin Andrews, Pilot, Lake View, New York
2nd Lt. Lester Kramer, Co-Pilot, Columbus, Ohio
2nd Lt. Robert Huisinga, Bombardier, Springfield, Illinois
2nd Lt. Gordon Bowers, Navigator, Baltimore,Maryland

Second row:
S/Sgt. Henry Hucker, Tail Gunner, Topeka, Kansas.
S/Sgt. Walter Kozlowski, Waist Gunner, Schenectady, New York.
T/Sgt. Leo Liewer, Engineer and Top Turret Gunner, Topeka, Kansas
S/Sgt. Elmo Simpson, Waist Gunner, Jonesboro, Arkansas
T/Sgt. Venton Scott, Radio Operator, St. Louis, Missouri
S/Sgt. Kenneth Rood, Ball Turret Gunner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This was Andrews' original crew, but not all of these men were with him on his final combat mission.

2nd. Lt. Kramer was shot down over Hanover, Germany while flying with another crew and became a Prisoner of War. He was replaced by 2nd Lt. Keith Rich of Montpelier, Idaho.

T/Sgt Leo Liewer was injured in a Jeep accident just before the Stuttgart mission. He was replaced by T/Sgt. Ralph Biggs of El Paso, Texas.

S/Sgt. Kenneth Rood was also injured and was replaced by S/Sgt Guido DePietro of Newark, New Jersey.

Assigned to another crew after recovering from his injuries, the 18-year-old Kenneth Rood was later killed in action.