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Leader Spotlight

WELCHMMatt Welch (Young Leader 2012)

Editor-in-Chief, Reason magazine

What can Americans learn from the Swiss?

That politics should be boring, and incidental at best to the pursuit of happiness.

What can the Swiss learn from the Americans?
Go ahead and loosen that tie.

What defines your leadership style?
The removal of gratuitous friction.

What qualities do you most admire in a person?
Joie de travailler

What are your greatest strengths? 
Optimism, editing clarity, singing harmonies.

What is your greatest weakness?
Mixing metaphors like a Thermomix without a bone.

Where do you live?
Brooklyn, New York.

Where are you from? 
Long Beach, California.

What is your favorite leisure activity?
Walking down a street I've never seen before.

What is your goal in life? 
Leave the world at least slightly better off than it would have been.



About Matt Welch

Matt Welch is the Editor in Chief of Reason magazine, the world’s largest libertarian publication. Welch is the co-author of The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What’s Wrong with America (2011), which syndicated columnist George Will recommended as “suitable reading for this summer of debt-ceiling debate.” Before that he wrote McCain: The Myth of a Maverick (2007), which the New York Review of Books hailed as “a thorough critique that digs deep into McCain’s belief system.” His work has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Columbia Journalism Review,, and scores of other publications. Welch has been Assistant Editorial Page Editor of the Los Angeles Times (2006-2007), columnist for Canada’s National Post (2002-2004), and in 1991 he co-founded the first independent English-language newspaper in the post-communist East Bloc, called Prognosis. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, the French journalist Emmanuelle Richard, and their daughter.

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