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Dr. Dagmar Maria Kamber Borens (Young Leader 2010)

KamberBorenDagmarRegional Chief Financial Officer Asia-Pacific, UBS

What can Americans learn from the Swiss?
Recycle, recycle, recycle. According to Yale University’s 2012 Environmental Performance Index, Switzerland is the most environmentally friendly country in the world. In Switzerland, we recycle anything and everything that can be, and would feel very remorseful if we had to throw a glass bottle into the normal waste.

What can the Swiss learn from the Americans?
To be more self assured. Americans always impress me with their confidence and poise when speaking, and the Swiss can learn from the Americans’ polished presentation style.

What defines your leadership style?
Allowing people to develop themselves through the right balance of guidance and freedom. My advice to my staff generally is: Work hard, be authentic, speak up (and know when to shut up too!).

What qualities do you most admire?
A strong personality, enthusiasm and passion are qualities that appeal to me, influenced by my Italian ancestry! I also admire individuals who set (and achieve) very high standards for themselves but yet remain modest, and those who are able to surprise me over and over again with their many talents and dimensions.

What are your greatest strengths?
My high energy level and ability to enthuse others to buy into a challenging task or vision.

What is your greatest weakness?
Chocolate, with champagne a close second.

Where do you live?
Singapore, an impressive city-state which has the third highest per capita income in the world yet is the smallest country in Southeast Asia.

Where are you from?
Allschwil, a small town near Basel in Switzerland that adjoins the French border and is famous for its “Fasnacht” (carnival).

What is your favorite leisure activity? 
I love to cook for my family and friends. Playing the cello is also very relaxing for me.

What is your goal in life?
To constantly challenge myself and learn new things. Now that I am living in Singapore, I am immersing myself in the hotpot of cultures here.


About Dr. Dagmar Maria Kamber Borens

Dagmar Maria Kamber Borens is Managing Director at UBS, a global firm providing financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients in over 50 countries. She is currently based in Singapore where she is the Regional CFO of UBS Group Asia-Pacific. In this role, she oversees over 400 Finance employees across 13 countries, and has responsibility over the regional divisional CFO functions as well as the expert functions of Tax, Treasury, Accounting Policy and Finance Shared Services. Dagmar is a member of the Asia-Pacific Executive Committee that defines and executes the strategy for the region, the Global Finance Executive Committee, and the Global Finance People Committee. Prior to this, her experience includes serving in Zurich as the Chief of Staff to the Group CFO of UBS, and as an advisor in the Chairman’s Office, advising the Chairman and the external Board of Directors of UBS on all legal, regulatory and corporate governance issues. She is a lawyer and holds a Doctoral degree in Law (Dr. iur.) from the University of Basel, where she also earned her Law degree. Dagmar is married and has three children.


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