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Class of 1992


The third Young Leaders Conference—sponsored by Winterthur Swiss Insurance Company and Swissair—was held in Diessenhofen, a village located on the south shore of the Rhine River on the border with Germany.

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The class of 1992 included Eric Sarasin, now chairman of Singularity Group; Joseph M. Torsella, state treasurer for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Franz Albers; Dr. Luciano Gabriel, member of American Swiss Foundation’s Swiss Advisory Council; journalist Monica Hegglin Brunner; Eric Stupp, partner at Bär & Karrer; Carol Graham, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution; New York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks; Harvard Business School professor Carliss Baldwin; Robb Thomson, former New Hampshire state director for the USDA Farm Service Agency; Kay Wilkie, secretary-treasurer at the Public Employees Federation for New York State; Joshua Gilder, former speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan; TV and radio broadcaster Taylor Brown; Walter Olson, senior fellow at the Cato Institute; Martin A. Messner, member of the board of NUSSLI Group; and New York University professor Thomas A. Pugel.

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