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Class of 1991


The second Young Leaders Conference—sponsored by the Swiss Bank Corporation, Nestlé, and Swissair—was the one of two conferences to be based in two locations (the other being the Class of 2017).  Participants from the Class of 1991 enjoyed experiencing the cities of Thun and Vevey.  Thirty-three participants, some of whom had been nominated by then-senator from Tennessee Al Gore, then-governor of California Pete Wilson, David Gergen, George Voinovich, Connie Mack, Steve Forbes, and Ted Kennedy, met in Switzerland for ten days. The conference would be held again twice in Thun (classes of 1995 and 2007), and three times in Vevey (classes of 1999, 2004, and 2011).

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The class of 1991 included Donald Baer, CEO of Burson-Marsteller; Melanie Bowen, former long-time state director for now-retired Senator Orrin Hatch; syndicated columnist and senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center Mona CharenPatricia Clarey, chief regulatory and external relations officer, and vice president, of Health NetCharlie Crist, former governor of Florida and current representative for Florida’s 13th congressional district; Nancy-Ann DeParle, President Obama’s deputy chief of staff for policy; Bill Grumbles, former president for worldwide distribution at Turner Broadcasting System; and David Rainbolt, executive chairman of BancFirst.

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