Book Event at the Institute of World Politics

At an event hosted by the Institute of World Politics, Dr. Thomas J. Carty presented Backwards in High Heels, his biography of former U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland, Faith Whittlesey. During the event, Dr. Carty discussed Ambassador Whittlesey's role as a key member of President Reagan's staff, focusing on her approach to diplomacy and highlighting some of her many diplomatic achievements, such as her involvement in preventing a confrontation between the U.S. government and Swiss banks. Ambassador Whittlesey, a former Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Institute of World Politics, concluded the event by praising the work of the Institute and its continued educational efforts. A summary of Dr. Carty's presentation can be found here.

This event concluded the 3-day Building Bridges: American Swiss Leadership Conference And Alumni Reunion held from October 3-5, 2012 and hosted by the American Swiss Foundation.