April 9 Swiss Re Young Leaders Reunion

Switzerland and the United States are among the top ten countries in innovation and entrepreneurship. The Global Innovation Index 2012 lists Switzerland in first place and the United States in tenth place. The 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Index lists the United States in first place and Switzerland in seventh place.

Both countries have established the key ingredients of innovative societies: open systems that incentivize innovation and entrepreneurship, robust financial markets that fund them, and highly educated and motivated people who are engaged in them. What are the challenges to maintaining and improving these conditions for world leadership in innovation and entrepreneurship?

Join two entrepreneurs and innovators, Ralph Müller, Professor at ETH Zürich and Director of the ETH's Institute for Biomechanics, and Taylor Rhodes, Managing Director of Rackspace, for a discussion moderated by Markus Spillmann, Editor-in-Chief, Neue Zürcher Zeitung.